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1.     Who are Trail Homes?

Trail Homes is Australia’s oldest and most respected buyer of trail books. Known for its professionalism, insight and constructive advice, Trail Homes stands ready to purchase your trail book.

2.     How Trail Homes can help me?

Trail Homes, headed by Nick Young, is backed by a cross section of Australian hedge funds and private investors.  Trail Homes' strong backing means that it has the capability, and importantly the funding, to effectively purchase Australia’s largest trails books.  Call Nick today for a private and confidential discussion.

3.     What Trail Homes can do for me?

a)    Needing to Raise Capital, but not wanting to give up your clients?

Trail Homes will structure a deal so that your clients, and more broadly the goodwill associated with your business stays with you the broker. Put another way you remain free to deal with your clients, write new loans, refinance old loans, and generally run your business as normal. Conversely Trail Homes will never contact your clients; in fact they will be unaware anything has occurred.

b)    Wanting to exit the industry or sell your business?

Working in conjunction with its industry partners, Trail Homes will work with you to find a buyer for your business, as well as effectively provide finance to enable the purchaser to purchase your business. Under this arrangement you may also wish to stay on within the business and more gradually withdraw from the industry. We can customise this transaction to your preferences.

c)    Wanting to finance the purchase of a mortgage broking business?

Subject to our normal terms and conditions Trail Homes can effectively provide finance to purchase a mortgage broking business. Further, Trail Homes can provide constructive advice as to the pitfalls, and issues associated with buying a mortgage broking business.

4.     Why would I sell my book?

  • Changing aggregators
  • Cashing for retirement
  • Leaving the industry
  • Accessing working capital
  • Accessing capital to expand their business or pay down debt

Or it may be as simple as they want to take up new opportunity. Selling your trail books allows you to trade what is effectively a diminishing cash flow for a single or series of payments now. It takes away some uncertainty of income and allows you to access funds now rather than waiting for monthly trail receipts.

5.     How much can I get for my trail books?

It depends on many variables that can affect the value you could obtain, which include, among other things, the size of the book, the age of the loans, the types of loans, and the amortisation rate.

6.     Are there any costs for selling my trail?

No costs are required. We offer you a price for your book and that is what you get.

7.     Why should I choose Trail Homes?

  • Easy and effective service.
  • Not time consuming for the seller.
  • Competitive on price for the seller.
  • Confidential service with respect to all parties.
  • Access to monetary payment for their trail books.
  • Effectively provide finance to purchase a mortgage broking business
  • Constructive advice to the pitfalls.
  • Work with clients to find a buyer for the business.
  • Provide finance to enable the purchaser purchases the client’s business.
  • Enable the transaction customisation based on client’s preferences.

8. What is Trail Finance?

  • Expert service in helping clients structure the right finance solutions for the business in terms of vehicle or equipment.
  • Help to work through the variables and give understanding to the range of financial options for next vehicle or equipment purchase.