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There is a strange phenomenon currently apparent in the American economy. The New York Times of 19th October reported it like this:

When gas prices fall, Americans reliably do two things that don’t make much sense. They spend more of the windfall on gasoline than they would if the money came from somewhere else. And they don’t just buy more gasoline. They switch from regular gas to high-octane.

A new report by the JPMorgan Chase Institute, looking at the impact of lower gas prices on consumer spending, finds the same pattern as earlier studies. The average American would have saved about $41 a month last winter by buying the same gallons and grades. Instead, Americans took home roughly $22 a month. People, in other words, used almost half of the windfall to buy more and fancier gas.
The History Of Trails

The History Of Trails

Aug 20, 2015 Written by
When we look at the introduction of trails to the broking sector, we don’t have to go back too far to when they first materialized in Australia.

In fact it was just over 20 years ago in 1996, when trail commissions came into being. At that period in time, margins were solid and broker groups were approaching lenders for their slice of the pie. It seemed like a good deal for smaller lenders, who began to break ranks and pay trail. The big lenders cottoned on quickly and followed suit. It was a win-win situation for everybody.
How To Finance Your Home

How To Finance Your Home

Aug 15, 2015 Written by
It seems each year is becoming more and more difficult to break into the property market. Despite the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen and word that there could be another cut in the cash rate, median house prices are at astronomical levels and leaving some would-be purchasers out in the cold.

There are options to break into the market: outer suburbs, units and flats still offer great value. So if you are considering investing, it may be time to look at what finance options are on trend or available to you.
5 Reasons Why Trails Can Help Your Business
There are several reasons why trails can improve business performance. Consider how you can build your client list, improve your cash flow and create better client relationships. And for those thinking of selling their trails, you can still maintain your relationships without the financial burden.

Here are five reasons why trails can be advantageous.
There is a perhaps a misconception amongst brokers that selling your trails is tantamount to selling your clients, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the best way to go about selling your trails is to maintain relationships with your clients.

To make your obligations clear, Trailer Homes works with brokers to advise them about everything involved with selling trails, including taxation and how to get the best possible price if selling your entire business. With 10 years behind us as an investment fund and a great reputation to go with, we are well versed in all matters to do with brokers and their trails. In fact we have looked after hundreds of brokers who have opted out of their trails and the businesses.